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Schöne Haut im Herbst

Montag, den 11 September 2017 um 16:45 Uhr

Although we have only beginning of September, but the autumn looks around the corner. The days become much shorter, the temperatures fall. High time to prepare the skin for the cooler season.

Herbst Blätter und Frau

In the transition season autumn , our skin has it hard. Just pampered by the sun and well-perfused, she suddenly has to fight with changing conditions and retreats the sebum production due to the beginning cold. You look in the mirror and is annoyed by the tired complexion . Now countersteering is called for, so that our skin gets everything it needs for a healthy, radiant appearance. For the day, a facial cream is recommended to moisturize , while a night-time care should be taken to ensure a soothing, refatting product.

Beauty from the outside

The body also needs special care . Here, products with a high fat content are the best – for example those with added olive or argan oil, possibly still enriched with shea butter. Daily incorporation into the skin makes it supple and beautiful.
Do not forget your feet . Now hidden in closed shoes, they tend to dryness and cornea. A remedy is provided by nourishing baths and creams with which the addition of Urea has proven itself. And the pumice stone also helps. A corneal planer is then no longer necessary. This one should be left out due to the danger of injury in general anyway.

Hands up!

The change in the autumn is shown by the hands . As the skin here scarcely has sebaceous glands, it is particularly difficult for her to compensate for the changing weather conditions. It becomes brittle and cracked. This is especially annoying, as the hands are always visible next to the face and are the sign for a well-groomed body. But here too you can do a lot. For example, by rubbing a moisturizing cream into your hands every morning, and repeating this procedure throughout the day after each hand washing.

Beauty from inside

But not only through external applications can you help your skin now. At the moment, it is important to have a sufficient supply of liquid, which ensures a firm skin texture. Ideal are at least two liters of water or tea a day.
Also delicious smoothies ensure beauty from the inside. Currently, blackberries and blueberries have season. Vitamit bombs, which are mixed with other ingredients not only help you but also your skin well. From October, there will again be field salad and chicory from local cultivation, which support valuable skin with the cell renewal .
Until then, we wish you a wonderful September!